Top 8 Best Dropshipping Companies for Your Ecommerce Business

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Dropshipping today is rapidly flooding the Internet and turning into one of the main marketing tools in e-commerce.

It combines practicality with all forms of e-commerce, representing simultaneously a system of commercial relations and a new way of building marketing networks.

Nowadays there is a great number of drop shipping websites that offer quality services, all you need is to choose the one that is right for you.

Along with the US-based drop shippers, you can also use the services of Chinese dropshipping suppliers.

So, if you are one of those who are looking for best drop shipping companies for your business, then this post is for you. We will give you a list of 8 best dropshippers for your business.


1. Doba drop shipping


Doba is one of the largest dropshipping company in the USA, founded in 2002. The catalog of goods offered for sale by this company is 1.447.353 items in 1,500 categories (about 8.000 brands) from 165 suppliers.

The annual subscription fee is from $ 599.50 to $ 899.50 depending on the package of services provided. All dealings with suppliers are made through the interface of the company's website.

Through the web interface, dropshippers also receive ready-made descriptions and product photos. The functions of the dropshippers, cooperating with Doba Company, are to put up trade offers on the Internet, as well as collect and process the orders.

2. Oberlo


Oberlo is an online platform that allows you to choose from a wide variety of shipping options for your online store. With Oberlo, you can start your own e-commerce store in just a few clicks and import dropshipping products that can be sent directly to your clients.

Since its foundation in 2015 Oberlo has helped deliver products to 85 million worldwide. This is the best choice for most people who prefer to use shipping for their import. You can earn money from Oberlo by recommending it to audience of your blog, Facebook or Twitter subscribers, or even your friends and family.

3. Salehoo drop shipping


Salehoo provides a catalog that gives access to over 8,000 genuine suppliers and to 1.6 million products at wholesale prices.

  • Provides access to their Market Research Laboratory.
  • Helps find the most profitable products for sale online.
  • Provides training materials.
  • Answers all the questions, support on the forum.

The cost of the service: the catalog and services cost $67 per year

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card


4. Worldwide Brands

drop shipping websites

Worldwide Brands provides a directory of 100% certified wholesaler and dropshipping vendors.

Cost: one-time payment of $ 249

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card



Asian dropshipping

drop shipping websites

The Asian practice of dropshipping is associated with China. The Chinese approach to organization of dropshipping has its own reasons and distinctive features. Despite the apparent similarity in methods and tools, Chinese best wholesale drop shipping companies are fundamentally different from the American ones.

These differences determine the successes and expansionist strategies of Chinese commodity producers. This circumstance is explained by the fact that in China dropshipping is the dominant form of sales in the conditions of an export-oriented economy.

It has to deal with established traditional trade. So, in the Chinese dropshipping model, advertising does not play a decisive role in sales organization. For Chinese best wholesale drop shipping companies, it is more about the price of goods, which is the main stimulus to attract both dropshippers and customers. It is the price that makes Chinese products attractive to buyers around the world, despite the dubious quality of goods and the lack of after-sales service.

5. Lightake

drop shipping websites

Today, almost all Chinese manufacturers of small household appliances, clothes and other goods have a registration page and support service for drop shipping companies on their sites. In addition, there are dozens of Chinese sites, which not only accumulate information on wholesalers who carry out retail mail, but also perform this function for them.

In this sense, the most typical site is LightTake , which not only accumulates suppliers` offers, but also performs orders processing and product shipment functions. So, it is a sort of an online store for dropshippers. Moreover, at the request of dropshippers, any address can be specified as a return address, and a special system of benefits and credits is provided.

China has significantly outpaced its western competitors due to the global economic crisis.

drop shipping websites

6. Alibaba

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The most famous online trading platform is , owned by Alibaba Group, which also includes, and The company positions itself as an international B2B marketplace. The main suppliers are Chinese manufacturers, but there are also exporters from Japan, South Korea, India, and Taiwan.

The virtual trading platform of Alibaba has many strengths, among which you can distinguish the following:

  • multilingualism. The modern international marketplace is convenient for European and Russian consumers. English and Russian are available here. Frequently the translation leaves much to be desired, but it is possible to understand the main essence and meaning;
  • availability of various international payment systems. This allows you to pay for your purchases without opening an account at a Chinese bank, and all calculations can be done without problems while sitting behind a computer monitor;
  • international shipping. The goods can be delivered to any place of the world. At the same time at the discretion of the buyer there is a choice of free or paid delivery. In the first case, it will take at least two months to wait for the purchased goods, in the second case, it will be possible to use the purchased item after 5-7 days.


In addition to the benefits, Alibaba has its own drawbacks. The main points include the lack of secure transactions and the targeting of Chinese manufacturers to large wholesale purchases. In the first case, this disadvantage is expressed in the fact that payment is made not through the site, but directly to the supplier.

For this reason, no vendor is liable until it is delivered to the buyer's warehouse. The second disadvantage is that buying a product at a bargain price is possible only in case of a wholesale purchase.

For the medium and small business, the weaknesses of this trading platform can become a serious obstacle to the successful development of their business. These disadvantages are absent from other trading platforms owned by Alibaba.

7. Taobao

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Taobao is the auction and the largest online retailer in China, targeting the end consumer. Let's list the main, first-lookable, advantages and disadvantages that most innovators have for themselves.


  • incredibly huge selection of goods;
  • low prices;
  • retail trade.


  • only Chinese language;
  • delivery from the seller only through China;
  • to send to another country you need an intermediary (which is an additional expense and controversial situation).

The huge selection of goods without a doubt is a very significant and undeniable advantage of Taobao. However, it is he who makes the search for the necessary goods so long and not always productive. And if you add to this Chinese interface language, then the task of finding the right thing becomes even more difficult.

The low price is one of the main components of the attractiveness of this trading platform and one of the big mistakes of buyers. Since the delivery of goods from Taobao is mainly carried out only through China, then the question arises about the intermediary. Therefore, you always need to add% of the intermediary to the price of the broker (on average, it is 5-10%),% for transferring money to the intermediary (the PayPal payment system is usually used, which takes about 5%), shipping cost in China (if any) + the cost of delivery to your country (depends on the method of delivery and the state). After all calculations it turns out that the price of goods increases by 20-50%, depending on the weight of the parcel.

The need to use an intermediary for shopping on Taobao involves not only an increase in the cost of the order, but also explicit / hidden methods of deception. Here are some of them:

  • repurchase of the goods not according to the buyer's links;
  • delaying the processing and sending of the order, so that the payout time expires and the buyer could not return the money for wrong or non-arrived goods;
  • increased parcel weight due to large amounts of paper or garbage.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the purchase through an intermediary involves checking the goods for defective, when the order is still in China. In case of incorrect size, color or damage, the item can be returned to the seller promptly.

In view of the fact that delivery to China, the processing of an order for an intermediary warehouse and delivery to the buyer sometimes take a lot of time, the benefit and security of payments through PayPal lose their meaning, because the system gives only 45 days from the moment of payment for the opportunity to open a dispute for the return of money.

Thus, purchases on are profitable only for large and overall orders. Never forget that despite budget savings (and sometimes substantial), they still have a certain risk (and sometimes a complete loss of money in the case of a dishonest mediator).

8. Aliexpress

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Aliexpress was created by Alibaba Group as the youngest brother of, aimed at the international market. Initially, the developers of the trading floor did not invest in the development, promotion and promotion of the resource on the Internet, and this somewhat slowed its growth in the e-commerce market.

It did not add to the popularity of the resource, and the fact that there were quite a lot of extras in the past, trading lots (3-5 or more pieces of the same name).

However, at the end of 2012-2013, the site's leadership took it seriously. As a result, the interface and rating system were improved, trade rules were tightened, Paypal payment system was replaced by a more appropriate one - Escrow, and the rules for handling disputes were gradually improved.

dropshipping suppliers

It is also necessary to pay tribute to the owners of the trading floor for keeping their hand on the pulse and react quickly to the situation with the delivery dates - the maximum number of days on the counter first grew to 90, and then to 120, on the situation with the disputes - was expanded and clearer A list of reasons for the opening is formulated and some delusions are cleared, for example, it is no longer possible to open a dispute for partial compensation for a parcel located on the way.

If you consider Aliexpress in its present form (as of August 2014), then you can highlight the following pros and cons:


  • low prices;
  • a large selection of payment methods;
  • availability of a customer protection system - escrow;
  • English interface and search language;
  • contests, sales, discounts and availability of cashbacks;
  • possibility to leave feedbacks on goods in English and other languages, and attach real photos.


  • there is no consolidation of parcels (the order of each seller comes in a separate parcel, and not in a common box);
  • you can check the goods for order matching only after receiving the parcel;
  • limited number of delivery methods.

dropshipping suppliers


We hope that this selection of eight drop ship suppliers will be a great help for you. Find profitable goods for your online store, go to the official sites of drop shipping companies, contact the representatives, and you will definitely succeed. Nowadays dropship business is one of the most profitable types of business. Many people are attracted to it because of zero initial investment. Basically, all you need is a good website for your online store. And today there are great opportunities to get a website that fully meets all your requirements within just 2 days. For example, you can build your website using Weblium, trusting it to professionals, and getting a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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